Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Million Thanks

I am in an excellent mood today. Spring is coming and my favorite dogwoods are in full bloom. Oregon is always green, but spring is pretty fantastic. It was one of things that I missed living in that dust bowl, a.k.a. Los Angeles. Who knew there could be infinite shades of green?

Because my mood is so happy, I want to give out my thanks to all of my crit partners on YA Fiction Fanatics, Penny Randall (who isn't on my blog, but who was my first full MS crit partner and I hope it gets back to her), my mom, Ron Stoppable, Ken Tastic, Danny, and Mike. The latter few of this group are close friends who without their encouragement (if not lack of negative feedback) pushed me to persue something I really love doing.

Okay, mushiness over. Now back to my normal self. Spring... it makes you do and say things out of character.


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  2. Min my lovely, I've just opened a google blog account so I can reply to your post - you're dragging me kicking and screaming into the modern world! I was so touched to see you mention me and have to say it's been such a pleasure reading your stuff and to say likewise thanks for reading mine. Hope we continue to swap stories for a long, long time.
    lol px

  3. Pen,

    Awe thanks! I foresee a future full of manuscripts and crits... if not biscuits and tea whenever I get my ass over there! ; D