Monday, March 22, 2010

Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes. I mean, what's not to love about them, right? They're so handy. I'm going to use my favorite little gooey paper products to remind myself of the several things I need to think about when doing future revisions. I've found (many thanks to my crit group!) that aside from my addiction to adverbs, I also have addictions to the words/phrases: assume, a bit, looked, confuse (all variations - "ed" "ing" "sion"), found myself, and sucked in. There are more, but I'm forgetting them.

So. It's my plan to put these words on a little sticky note. I'll place the note in my workspace and hopefully it will help me. I'm going to try and avoid using these words/phrases too much. This endeavor may or may not result in new found addictions. But it's worth a shot. At least I'll be changing it up for my crit group, right? Right.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dressed for Success

This is the first time I've ever received blog bling. I didn't even know what it was. So thank you Rachel for sending me some bling for my blog! I guess I have some directions to follow (cross your fingers) so here it goes.

I'm supposed to write ten things that make me happy. Hmmm. I don't think it's asking for them in any particular order.

1. The beginning of spring

2. Even numbers

3. My dogs' greeting when I get home

4. An unlikely find at an antique shop

5. A good book

6. When my husband helps me with a video game

7. Kayaking on a sunny day

8. A good sense of humor

9. Making playlists

10. Living in Portland, OR

Now somehow I'm supposed to post this and link this and stuff I have no idea how to do. But I'm giving it a go. Also, I guess there are some rules....

Here are The Official Rules:
1. Copy the award image into a post.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Link to their blogs.
5. Notify the award recipients.
6. Award recipients link back to sender’s blog.

Winners. I think I need to list some winners too.

The Xanax Kitchen

A Rock in My Pocket

Writer Adrift (though you may already have it... I don't know that many other blogs!)

Okay, so I guess that's all I need to do. I now feel my blog is dressed for success, if it could only find the perfect pair of earrings...

Oh wait! I also need to link back to Rachel's blog...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Addiction & My Unhealthy Relationship with Adverbs

I have to admit, I've never been one to take criticism well. In fact, I'd categorize myself in the "just smile and nod at her" column. But writing and putting yourself up for the pure purpose of it has given me a new perspective. I love it. Even if it seems harsh at first, and trust me, it does.

I post something in my crit group and then can't wait for someone to go in there and break it apart.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I a masochist? I doubt it. I do go in and edit my chapters to the best of my ability before posting. It's just I'm SO close to it. I can't see all of the things that need work.

One of the things is my unhealthy relationship with adverbs. I guess they're a killer in fiction. I hadn't thought about it much before. Looking back at my MS, you'd think I was getting paid by adverb. I can barely (see!) help myself. I love the sound of "ly" before a verb.

But thanks to a couple of fantastic adverb-haters, I'm learning . . . slowly (crap!). Seriously though (shit! I've got no control), I mean to cut adverbs out of my life. Those of you who know me, and get regular emails from me, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me crap every time you catch me. I need to be the reverse Pavlov's Dog here. If you could shock me with an cattle prod, all the better.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Million Thanks

I am in an excellent mood today. Spring is coming and my favorite dogwoods are in full bloom. Oregon is always green, but spring is pretty fantastic. It was one of things that I missed living in that dust bowl, a.k.a. Los Angeles. Who knew there could be infinite shades of green?

Because my mood is so happy, I want to give out my thanks to all of my crit partners on YA Fiction Fanatics, Penny Randall (who isn't on my blog, but who was my first full MS crit partner and I hope it gets back to her), my mom, Ron Stoppable, Ken Tastic, Danny, and Mike. The latter few of this group are close friends who without their encouragement (if not lack of negative feedback) pushed me to persue something I really love doing.

Okay, mushiness over. Now back to my normal self. Spring... it makes you do and say things out of character.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Lucky Agent Contest

Now, this would probably have more "ooomph" if I actually had a bunch of followers. But here it is regardless.

Guide to Literary Agents blog is having a contest. Here is the info for anyone interested in getting a crit of their completed YA/Adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance.

"Dear Lucky Agent" Contest:

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Welcome to the third "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest on the GLA blog. This will be
a recurring online contest with agent judges and super-cool prizes. Here's the deal: With every contest, the details are essentially the same, but the niche itself changes—meaning each contest is focused around a specific category or two. So if you're writing a novel-length work of urban fantasy or paranormal romance, this third contest is for you!


E-mail entries to Please paste everything. No attachments. (Also note that I do not check this account. Only the agent does. Looking back over old e-mails, some people have wrote to say hi to me, or perhaps ask a question. Contact me at


The first 150-200 words of your unpublished, book-length work of urban fantasy or paranormal romance (adult or YA - both accepted).

Joanna says: "Please keep it to these two subgenres specifically. While you can incorporate a variety of fantasy elements, they still have to fall under these two categories. For those of you who are unsure, keep in mind that both urban fantasy and paranormal romance have a strong base in a real world setting (like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files or J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood or Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy). So no stories that take place solely on another planet or world!"

Find the rest of the info/stuff at: