Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book by Book - Vote Now!

Most of you probably don't know that I used to work in the non-profit world. Sure, it was a Chamber of Commerce, and it didn't really sit inline with my hippie views. But, working with a shoestring budget and trying to create services for the population you serve is still the goal. I'm posting today to creat awareness about a Pepsi (sigh... I know big corporation, just look away fellow Librals and acknowledge that there might be some good out of it.) giving out a grant fo 250K to a non-profit. But, people have to go and vote for the idea to reach the rank of #1 or #2. The organization I'm urging you to vote for was brought to my attention by a fellow Goodreader and blogger, Alethea (read her fabulous blog here). There's a million reasons why it's a good idea to go and vote for Book by Book, but it's probably better if I just share the link and you can take a look for yourself. There's even a video and a great breakdown of who the grant money will be used.

If you're reading this blog, it's because you either love reading or are a writer or both. At least that's what I assume is why you read this blog. So remember that moment in the library when you were a kid and how excited you got to pick out a slick dust covered book. Remember not being able to wait until you got home to crack it open and let your imagination roam free. Remember reading it on the bus, and almost missing your stop because you were engrossed and engaged. Remember there are kids out there in schools with crippled libraries that haven't made that memory yet.

It's hard working in non-profit, and for once this one isn't begging for money, just votes. You can vote every day until December 31st. Help Book by Book make it to the top with your vote.



  1. I tried to vote, but it said the maximum had been exceeded! Wow, you must have a HUGE audience! I'll try again tomorrow. It's funny, I worked for a non-profit too! Aside from all the positive points you noted, I have to say I met one of my closest friends when I worked there! Small world! ;-)

  2. That's so funny, I met one of MY closest friends when I worked for a non-profit too! It is a small world.

  3. What a great thing here! I love it when people want to "give back" and help others. And this is a perfect example...