Monday, July 19, 2010

Idea Intruders

I just need to pose this question to the creative universe.  Why, when I'm trying to work on edits for a completed MS, does the Muse strike?  All I want is to get it out the door. But all my brain wants to think about is this other fancy, shiny, new idea.

Should I abandon edits for the thrill of a new story? Should I knuckle down and just jot the idea to come back at a later date?  Oh why is discipline so difficult!?!  Do I have time for both?  What could I sacrifice in order to work on each?  Sleep?  Eating?  Reading? True Blood?

I have to admit, (though I've always loved it) I came to writing because I was avoiding something... epidemiology homework. I usually bake when avoiding things as well.  Perhaps it's just something in my make-up that encourages avoidance. Edits are tough. My mind must be racing to find something to distract me from having to do them.  Even right now, I'm writing this blog post instead of doing my edits.

Well, creative universe, I expect some answers.


  1. You know the answer. Finish what you started. You'll feel so great about it when you're done! Take a few minutes and write some bullets about this new idea. Keep making notes on it but focus on edits! -the universe

  2. Oh Universe, I didn't know your name was Ron. Thank you so much for your wisdom. It is well received. :D

  3. Doing edits is like going on a diet. Necessary perhaps but never fun and hence putting it off as long as possible is totally understandable. And OMG, I never noticed this before but diet and edit are like the same letters just switched around! Weird.

    Seriously though, I just force myself to do it like one chapter at a time so I don't go too crazy. I do things like, "If I get two chapters done, I'll let myself think about that Next Big Idea."

    Good luck. And, I, too, did not know that that universe was named Ron. You find out all sorts of things through blogs.