Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tending the Muse

It's been a while since I've done an actual blog post. I was driving in to work the other day and listening to NPR when I heard an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. I'm not sure when the interview was from (and I appologize that I can't find the link so you too may hear the story), but she spent some time talking about, well, talking to her Muse. That's right. as if it was a person or a thing that she could have a reasonable discussion with. Like, hey Muse, I need to finish these edits right now but I promise I'll get the project you're pulling me to work on when I'm done. She spoke of the sense of empowerment and authority it brought her over her writing.

As I struggle to find time to write (new job, ya know) and crit and, well, do anything besides work, I think back to this interview and wonder if I could talk to my Muse. Sit her down and have a heart to heart. Like, why do you always want to give me an idea while I'm driving, or in the middle of trying to write for work?

Through this thought process of can I or can't I speak to my Muse, I've realized that what I really need to do is tend it. Like a Muse Garden!

How do you tend your Muse? Do you have rituals, or spaces of time sectioned out during your day for spending time with her? How do you fit it all in?


  1. Great post, Miranda!! I try and tend my Muse everyday, but lately, I admit to lagging. I've just been so busy. Most of my ideas come from dreams but now and then I get them when I least expect them and have to scramble for pen and paper.

  2. I used to play the what if game with my muse. Haven't done that in some time now, which is why not posting of new chapters on YAFF from me. Ugh. I so need to get back on that horse!

  3. I reward it with something. Like TV, movies, music, research & pleasure books, anything to help it grow and sometimes to relax.

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