Monday, June 7, 2010

Betas out the door!

Who knew writing was so much work?  Oh, wait, ALL writers know how much work it is. 

Before writing turned into something I wanted to do it was easy. Actually, starting a story still feels easy. I sit down, spill words across my computer screen and then I immerse myself in another world.  It's great.  But, once those words have been put to paper . . . er . . . screen, it's a lot of work to get them shaped up.

It's taken me weeks to apply all the edits I have from my critique group (Young Adult Fiction Fanatics).  But thanks to them, I've whipped those words into shape.  Or at least I hope so. Now I sit, having finished all my edits, sent out my MS to a group of beta readers, I've got nothing to do but wait.  Well, that's not true, I have a story or two milling around the empty space in my head.

Of course in one to two weeks I'll have a whole fresh round of edits to apply from my awesome beta readers. I guess I'll never be bored with writing. There's always something new to do and no limit to the imagination.  No matter what, the amazing feeling of being creative and getting words down is worth all the work in the world.


  1. Betas out the door is one step closer to submissions.

    This is the point I remind myself that agents ask for my best work. And crits, edits, betas, last round read-throughs ensure I'm doing just that.

    Really happy that you're at this point in the process Min. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks Rachel. I really wouldn't be where I am with this without you and the ladies at YAFF. :) You guys are awesome!

  3. Min,
    Like Rachel said, remember this is a process and each step in that process brings you closer to that ultimate goal!

    I'm so proud of all the work you've put into the story. Good luck with everything!!!