Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello blogosphere

Please note the blog title. . . clearly I'm always a little late to the party. I suppose I've just assumed you need to have kids, a crazy job, heroic battle against illness or something equally funny or inspiring to be a blogger. Then I thought maybe not. I'm guessing super-nerds have been blogging alone in their bathrobes for years.

I'm not a parent. I have a semi-crazy job (which I can't discuss for fear of being sacked - thanks HIPAA). I've never battled an illness worse than the flu, nor am I a super-nerd in a bathrobe. I don't even own a bathrobe. I suppose it is for these reasons I have not felt myself worthy of the blog.

Indeed, I've been slow to join the intertron (no I do not mean "internet" please see Mystery Science Theater for reference) bandwagon. I've only been on Face Book for about a year. I have a small profile on (book nerds unite!) and that's about it. It was procrastination that eventually set me on the path to blogdom . . .

I was trying to avoid epidemiology homework. Well actually, I was trying to avoid something worse than epidemiology homework (yes there is a such a thing). I was attempting to avoid a crazy-ass partner who self identified as a "Type A personality" and preceded to tell me she'd do all the work; mostly because she was confident in the fact that I was a moron. Like I'd pin my "A" on some still wearing a banana clip in 2009 lunatic woman, claiming (but only to the cute boys at the front of the class - never mind being old enough to be their mother if not grandmother) to have been a homeless hooker. You might be wondering what kind of school I attend... I assure you it is one of Oregon's finest universities.

Anyway. I wrote this story and, feeling inspired, started a writing group with my other author hopeful friends. Everyone loved it. Of course, they're my friends. They wouldn't be my friends if they didn't love everything my creative heart put forth. Well that's great. They prodded and pushed until I bit the bullet and sent out some queries - horrible, awful things, not fit for reading.

Defeat, irritation and ultimately hard headedness (see blog title) sent me on the path to research how to get published. Oh, I was shy at first and the rejection stung. I joined an online lit critique group and it took me nearly two weeks before I'd post anything. When I finally did, I was slaughtered. They weren’t really mean. (I reasoned only after I allowed myself to sleep on it and did not post my initially planned hateful reply - taking my toys and going home) Instead, I took the critiques and improved my work. I had to take the long way to learn it, but constructive criticism is an amazing motivator.

So here I am. Creating what all the "people" in the industry say is a "must" - a blog. Though, what really frustrates me, in this age of unlimited access to information, for every "expert" telling me to have a blog, there is another who says it's not needed. What to do? What to do? I guess go with a blog . . . hope it doesn't just become a platform for ranting and maybe make some sense of this insane industry.


  1. Congrats on the choice to move on. I think most of us can appreciate the courage needed to move past the fear of rejection. When you sell you book, maybe you could buy a bathrobe.....

  2. Yes, it will be the first thing I buy, and I'll blog about it.